ESAT Strategic Mission

ESAT, a progressive institution of higher education, is a government approved university (visa of the Ministry of Higher Education No 04/2003).

Founded at the initiative of a team of professionals from the world of Aviation, ESAT provides companies of aeronautics in particular the skills they need through hands-on training programme well recognized and continually updated .

 Practical training acquired in the laboratory, on simulator, and through a short / long internships in companies. The graduated student will get a diploma combined with a professional experience.

Three Strategic Objectives for ESAT emerge:

1. Develop a diploma qualification and especially in the aerospace and Information Technology (IT) (Computer programming, Telecoms and Geomatics).

2. Become a platform for training and development of aviation sector in Africa.

3. Focus on the international activities by :

Strengthening cooperation with partner universities (France, Canada, Slovenia, China, Lebanon)

  exchanges of students and teachers,

the development of common curricula and research in partnership with the world of industry.